What Is The Wedding Experience? Watch Our New Video & Learn!

The Wedding Experience is a mock wedding, and not a bridal expo. This is a 5hr wedding starting with ceremony and going through: cocktail, dinner, dessert, and dancing. Eat a full 4 course… Continue reading

Referrals – The Dirty Little $ecret!

Many vendors have posted in the past on Facebook that they don’t pay for referrals, and that no one in the wedding industry should expect to pay. There might be a group of… Continue reading

5min Video Is Better Than 60sec!

Does a 30-60sec commercial  ever seem to capture a company in it’s true form? No, most people want a lot more than just 30sec of pictures with phone number & email. People want… Continue reading

How To Deal With Friends & Family That You Can’t Invite

Every single couple has to create “The List” of everyone that they can invite. Then they realize that they can’t invite everyone that they wanted, typically because of budget constraints. Ouch! It’s not… Continue reading

Poll – Wedding Guide

Poll – Wedding Expo vs. Wedding Event

Gallery Of LumiNight Decoration Line

This company is LumiNight and they are featuring a product called Luminex. Luminex is a fiber optic as thin as thread that can be sewn with regular material (except for leather). It is… Continue reading

Why Your Guests Leave Early!

Why would your guests leave early? There are several reasons why guests will leave! Let’s start with outdoor weddings. If you don’t have a tent of some sort, and it rains/sprinkles or is… Continue reading

50% Male Attendance At A Wedding Event! How?

The Wedding Experience is going to try and beat a record for the wedding industry right here locally in Portland Oregon. One of the biggest problems that both the bride and the vendor… Continue reading

More than half of Oregon brides are dissapointed with their wedding!

Oregonians are known for that “Do It Yourself” attitude, unfortunately when you decide to “do it yourself” on your most important day of your life you end up very unhappy. Oregonians also tend… Continue reading